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Doral’s Premier Martial Arts Fitness Center Since 1998

Imagine after a long hard day at work picking up your child from Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense and their homework is done, they have exercised and trained in martial arts while building their self confidence. Now you can go home with no stress and ready for some family time. Imagine no more Anta’s Kickin’ Kids After School Martial Arts program is back by popular demand.

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Anta’s Highly Acclaimed After School Martial Arts is Back

Due to popular demand we have finally brought back Anta’s Kickin’ Kids After School Martial Arts program. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick up your child at our martial arts center and have the complete confidence that he/she are in a safe environment and has completed his/her homework? Instead of taking them to their martial arts class and then having to helping them with their homework you can now spend quality family time together.

The Perfect Program for Today’s Working Parents

In over seventy five percent of today’s American families, both parents work. This figure does not include single family house holds. The average amount of quality time that most parents spent with their children is 7 to 12 minutes a day. If you can relate to this dilemma do not despair Anta’s Kickin’ Kids After School Martial Arts Program is here to change the quality of your family life. We pick up children from school. Imagine having the luxury of picking up your child after a long and hard day at work and not having to worry about racing to take them to their extra-curricular activities. You will no longer have to struggle trying to finish their homework. Now you can finally use the limited amount of time that you have with your child each evening as quality time.

Instead of worrying that your child is home alone or putting them in an aftercare where they will not get much attention or quality care and could be possibly terrorized by the school yard bully you can now enroll him/her in Doral’s premier martial arts fitness center, after school, child enrichment program that teaches respect, discipline, integrity, perseverance, anti-bullying, child safety, and self defense.

Not an After School Program

Kickin’ Kids is not an aftercare program. The Kickin’ Kids After School Martial Arts Program is a national martial arts program. Your child will be attending a martial arts life skills, educational, child developing program. Children learn to concentrate and focus their energy constructively which results in better school work and grades. They will increase their fitness levels and release energy in a positive manner while they learn to defend themselves in a fun and safe and loving environment. We will educate them in Stranger Danger and Bully Busters non-violent conflict resolution.

Anta’s After School Child Developing Schedule

  • Pickup from School
  • Snack Time (We provide a healthy snack or they can bring their own)
  • Homework (We make sure that they complete their homework)
  • Change into Martial Arts Uniform
  • Martial Arts/Fitness Class
  • Organized Activities

Highest Ratings from National PTA

The National PTA gives After School Martial Arts Programs their highest rating. Kickin’ Kids After School Martial Arts students will get exercise, learn how to defend themselves, have fun learn discipline, manners, and respect for teachers, parents, other students and themselves. After-school kids earn belt rank and gain confidence as they progress. The final product is self-esteem. Remember today’s children are tomorrow’s leader’s.

Meet Our After School Martial Arts Programs Director

After School Martial Arts Programs Director Mrs. Elena Anta has an A.S. in Early Childhood Education and an A.A. in Elementary Education. She was a school teacher for seven years at Van Academy and the Aftercare director at Doral Academy Elementary for 2 years. Kickin’ Kids After School Martial Arts is a National acclaimed program. Elena is also a fitness instructor certified in Pilates, Fitness Kickboxing, MMA Fighter fit, Piloxing and Piloxing Knockout. She is also the mother of 2 success young men and a grandmother.

There is a difference at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense the area’s leader in Martial Arts Education. This is the perfect program for today’s busy working families.

Call us today at 305 599-3649 or E-mail us at fitdef@aol.com